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ssd chemical solution buy online

SSD CHEMICAL SHOP PRINT is an Authorized Professional European Laboratory established following the 1975 Geneva (World Bank) Decree No: GE/001/EU95/WB .SSD

International Premier lab is comprised of world top class scientists of various continents trained to handle monetary issues which have to deal with SSD Chemical Manufacturing, Recovering of banknotes Services. We do wholesale and retail of money cleaning chemicals like:

  • – SSD Solution
  • – SSD Chemical Solution
  • – SSD Super Solution
  • – SSD Universal Solution
  • – SSD Super Automatic Solution
  • – SSD PK58 Solution
  • – SSD Ultimate 2018 Solution
  • – Activation Powder
  • – Mercury Powder

With the above, we are able to clean, re-activate black, green, white negative notes etc of Euro, $ Dollar ,Pounds, Japanese Yen, Kuwaiti  Dinar, Malaysian Ringgit, and all other local currencies and restore back to the original form. We sell chemicals at very good prices and delivery is 100% discreet and secured through a top world class security transport agency. We also send highly trained technicians to all countries in the world to do cleaning services of commission basis. Our technicians are able to do manual cleaning and cleaning by machine and the 2018 3D Laser Automatic Machine.